Saltdal Upper Secondary School

1.Arrival 21.10.2006 in Rognan-we arrived at Rognan Railway station at 08:00am.

2.Introduction to Saltdal Upper Secondary  School on 23.10.2006-We were introduced to school members.

3.Presentation on 25.10.2006
 We sang the National Anthem  
played drama

4.A visit to Saltdal Museum and Bloodroad Museum-(see report)
Two (2) teachers and five (5) studends from Kaole Secondary School visited Saltdal museum under escort of  Ms Solveign and Mr Knut. It was a nice and exotic trip though the story about what took place there reminded us about what happened to our grandparents."VERY SORROWFUL".
The museum had all about  old buldings built around from 1750. The place founders were sailors, traders as well as farmers.


It is on the same site with  Saltdal museum. The place was Germans barracks. It reveals how the war prisoners lived and worked from 1942 (their arrival time) until the end of 2nd world war. The prisoners worked for the all day with very little food to eat. They built roads and railways all way from north to south of Norway. Jullie Johansen (a Norwegian Woman) gave food to prisoners. Her picture and medal awarded can be seen in the museum (the photo taken)


You can see a war exihibitions took place in 1995 as part of the 50th annivesary celebration of Norway`s liberation.
Two boats in an open shelter stand as symbol for what Saltdal Community used to do dating from 1860. MARYLAND`s house in museum  represents those living houses around the place (in1828). It reveals how life was tough especially during wintertime. Some of the tools at the site tell that smithy was also exercise here from 1750. Small houses (built in 1899) with old desks and the teaching materials gives a picture of old School lesson and a little number of people went to school by then. Classes were not daily.
Much thanks to Ms Solveig and Mr Knut for all information given, Mrs Hilde, Mr John and Mr Havard for their assistance in making Kaole Secondary School known to the world with their page website.
Prepared by the group from Kaole Secondary School Ms. Victoria Shoo, and Mr Idd Msehela (teachers) and Pius Malegesi, Kabusure Marwa, Lucas Mathew, Immaculata Martine and Joyce Joseph (students) on behalf of the school management 26-10-06.

5.A visit to Arctic Light and Design-26.10.06 -Pictures

In the candle light factory

candle light

6.A visit to Arctic Circle-27-10-06 and
Ski on mountain with snow mobiles-pictures

7.A visit to Saltstreams-28.10.06

8.Class participation -30. 10.06

9.Preparation of Local dishes  


The Principal: Mrs. Ingunn Mikaelsen