P.O.Box 99, Bogamoyo, Coast region, Tanzania, East Africa
Tel: 023-2440047


School vision : To wage war against Ignorance
Scool mission:
Collective accountability to ensure Provision of Quality Education.
School motto :
Education is a key of life


Kaole Secondary School is a co-education school taking day and boarding scholars.
It is located at 3.8 km, Eastern part of Bogamoyo town. Kaole has 9 hostels with capacity of accomodating more than 500 students. Currently there are 43 staff members, 23 being teachers and 18 non teaching staff.


The history of Kaole Secondary School goes back to 1962, when FRELIMO, freedom fighters from Mozambique, came at Kaole village.
The area was used as a liberating camp, where fighters planed the ideas and strategies of fighting for freedom in Mozambique.The centre was also used to provide education to the children of freedom fighters themselves.
The school was known as Frelimo Secondary school.

In 1975 Mozambique attained her independence and therefore the place was inherited by TANU, a political party by then in Tanzania. Howevwe, TANU handed over the place to Tanzania Parents Association, which made it a Vocational Training Centre. The centre aimed to prepare the youth to be self-reliant.

In 1988, Kaole Vocational Training Centre was transformed into normal Secondary School with agricultural based subjects. Technical subject became optional ones.
Subject taught are Civics, History, Georephy, Kiswahili, English, Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Basic Mathematics. Agricultural sciense and Computer studies potional. Therefore since then it has been providing ordinary Level education.

The future plan of the school is to establish Advaced level studies, which are expected to start in March 2007. Construction procedures are in progress.