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Women and Families in Slavery
A Triangle of Partnership and Solidarity

Organized by Jon K. Møller

Trafficking in Women for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation - Mapping the Situation and Existing Organisations Working in Belarus, Russia, the Baltic and Nordic States (x)
Women's Anti-Slavery Associations - From 1783 to 1833
Black plantation slavery - Women's roles in the slave society and the slave family are almost never mentioned.
Women and Slavery in the US - This site was put together as a final project in a Women's Studies course taken in Fall semester 1996.
African-American Women - On-line Archival Collection - Special Collections Library, Duke University
Women / Family /Slavery - Women's roles in the slave society / The slave family / From their mouth to our ears.
Grimke, Sarah - Letters on the Conditions of the Sexes - Read a 1837 letter written by Sarah Grimke to the president of the Boston Female Anti-Slavery Society about the equality of women.
Women in slavery - The life of women in slavery was worse than for men in slavery because women were more isolated. Sometimes the woman slaves were violated they had a much more difficult situation than male slaves because they could not fight back against these sexual violations.
Louisa Picquet, the Octoroon - Follow this story to learn about the life of this South Carolina woman. Learn the difficulties and benefits of being a "fair-skinned" female slave.
Ida Wells-Barnett 1862-1931 - Born of slaves, Ida B. Wells-Barnett fought to stop the lynching of Black Americans, carrying her fight to the White House. In 1898 she was part of a delegation to President McKinley demanding government action in the case of a Black postmaster who had been lynched in South Carolina.
The Life of a Slave Girl - Incidents in the life of a slave girl written by herself - Linda Brent (Harriet Jacobs) - 41 chapters

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