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Jon K. Moller

Welcome to this site, which is dedicated to the UNESCO ASPnet 'Slave Route Project'. As the organizer of this rapidly growing information base about everything related to the Triangular Slave Trade of the 16th - 19th centuries and its consequences, I want to present some basics about these Web pages and the information they present:
  • UNESCO ASPnet is not by any means responsible for any information given here. Official UNESCO information is to be found HERE!, and UNESCO TST info HERE!

  • A lot of information is given by means of links to external sources, which may be 'broken'. I really appreciate feedback from people experiencing non-productive URLs (Web addresses)

  • Both the external information and the students' works (see: 'Contributions') must be considered 'insecure' until the given information has been verified. The information may build on false arguments and conclusions found elsewhere, may be biased, etc., and, like most other information on the Internet, should therefore be thoroughly checked before being referred to.

  • I have avoided the use of heavy graphics, javascrips and -applets, etc. etc. in order to minimize download time. This site is based on pure HTML code, which should enable all major browsers (Netscape Communicator, Internet Explorer and Opera) to produce the desired result.

  • The site is based on the use of 'frames'. You are now reading in the right frame. The left and top frames should make it easy to navigate the site.

  • Older Web browsers can't handle frames. If you have problems, why not download the latest Netscape Communicator. It's completely free! - or Opera, which is very small and fast, can operate with multiple browse-windows, etc.

  • To get the right impression of the site, you should apply at least a screen resolution of 800x600 with 256 colours

  • I use Nestcape Communicator myself, and I'd appreciate feedback from MS Explorer users who face problems

I hope a number of educational institutions, individuals, etc. will find it useful and interesting to join us. To enable exchange of opinions, discussions, questions, etc., I have organized a forum for this HERE. If you face difficulties, please, contact me!

Jon K. Møller



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